Copyright Statement

By using my website, you agree to comply with copyright law regarding the use of my images and intellectual property rights. All photographs, images, trademarks, or any other intellectual property on this website or related domains are the property of Mike Bensema Photography and protected by United States and International copyright law. Mike Bensema Photography does not grant, either expressed or implied, permission for the electronic transfer, storage, printing or other usage of any photographs or images unless granted in writing prior to first usage. You may not download, transmit, copy, screen capture, modify, create derivative works, or sell any content from the website in any way.

Your image rights and usage license

Family, senior, wedding, sports, etc. photography services includes “Personal Usage Rights,” which means you are granted a license when you purchase my services to be used in your home for your personal enjoyment. Images may not be transferred to third parties nor used for commercial use. Your personal usage rights allow you to make as many prints and share with family and friends as you want of purchased digital images, as well as sharing to social media according to the terms below, however printed products may not be copied. Submitting a photograph or digital image to a contest is expressly forbidden. These contests usually have language transferring ownership of the images from the copyright owner (me) to the company running the contest.

Social media usage

You may post links to the images on my website free of charge, or posting digital images you have purchased, provided proper credit in the caption of each image shall be given in the following form: Copyright Mike Bensema Photography,

Commercial Usage

Commercial/Event work is licensed by prior agreement and my images may not be used for commercial purposes until a signed agreement is made, and work is paid in full. If you are interested in using any of my photos in a commercial fashion (anything outside of personal in home usage), you can email me from the contact page and include the following information:

1. Image(s) you would like to use

2. What media types/where they will be displayed

3. Distribution size of the media type (ie web viewers, newspaper circulation)

4. Business use of the usage

5. Duration of use

Copyright infringement is serious

I put a lot of time and effort into my photography services and products, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars in equipment I have purchased to create these images. Copyright infringement is a serious issue and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment that I take very seriously and is akin to opening my wallet and taking what you want. I ask that you refrain from downloading any of my images, screen capturing, or any other means of copying anything from my website. If you wish to share my images, posting a link to my website is the proper method.